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Let us create an heirloom for you! Cajun Pens make great gifts for all occasions - GRADUATION, FATHER'S DAY, MOTHER'S DAY, CHRISTMAS, GROOMSMEN, BIRTHDAYS, ETC.

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At Cajun Land Pens we use only premium quality mechanisms. You will appreciate the long lasting durability of a Cajun Land Pen. All of our finely crafted writing instruments feature extra heavy, durable, individually dipped and dried, 24k gold plated components.

Slimline Pen
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Features a classic ball tip clip and unique stylized center ring.  Thin and lightweight.

Slimline Pencil
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Features the latest technology in pencil design.  Newly engineered tips are free acting and smooth, eliminating the troublesome and frustrating "hang-ups" common to most other mechanical pencils.  This fool proof, non-jamming tip is specially designed to feed the correct amount of 5mm lead with each click of the plunger top.

   Monte Blanc® Pen
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Smooth single twist mechanism, medium weight pen.

Parker® Twist Pen
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Features a larger 3/8" diameter lower body and a 1/2"  diameter upper body.  Double twist mechanism, left or right to extend the ball point, turn to center to retract.  Medium weight pen.

Parker® Click Pen
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Features a larger 3/8" diameter lower body and a 1/2"  diameter upper body.  Works like a regular push button ball point, but without the button.  In this case the entire upper body moves.

Parker® Rollerball Pen

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Styled after the highly recognized Parker® pens of the 1920's.  Features a high quality German roller ball insert which is the smoothest flowing, easiest rolling insert we've ever seen.

Cigar Pen

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Affectionately dubbed the "Cigar Pen" because of it's massive size.  This big body pen will never get lost on your desk top or in a purse.   Unique black and gold accent banding, combined with the heavy "flat" clip, form a pen which is truly like no other.  Uses single twist mechanism.

Excalibur Pen

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Styled after the traditional Parker® style twist pen, the Excalibur offers an elegance not yet achieved in any other pen.


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