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Let us create an heirloom for you! Cajun Pens make great gifts for all occasions - GRADUATION, FATHER'S DAY, MOTHER'S DAY, CHRISTMAS, GROOMSMEN, BIRTHDAYS, ETC.

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Cajun Pen Company Warranty Information

Standard Warranty for Pens & Pencils

All Cajun Pen Company pens and pencils come with a one year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  This warranty does not extend to expendables such as ink cartridges and pencil lead.  We, at our discretion, will repair or replace any writing instrument returned as defective for one year from shipment date.

All warranty claims must be submitted with a copy of the original sales receipt to be valid.  We cannot warranty items returned without a sales receipt.  We will pay shipping charges for Warranty claims within the first 30 days, after that the customer pays for shipping to our plant, we will pay shipping to return your writing instrument.


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Last modified: August 09, 1998